Thank you so much for visiting our website.  It is our pleasure to wellcome you here. Born and brought up in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo,  of South African descent, Matebele tribe. Phati Mnguni is an International Visual Artist, Therapeutic Artist,  Writer, Speaker and life coach. 2019 Award winning apexart fellowship/residency, NYC. ( https://apexart-journal.tumblr.com/tagged/phati-mnguni/chrono) , Mnguni feels she has been empowered to empower others globally, in areas of not feeling good enough, overwhelm, self love, self empowerment, relaxation and attainment of a VISION one wants for themselves.  Living and creating a life in alignment with your calling so as to be your best self. Working with what you have and do best. 

Phati Mnguni as a Visual Artist

Born and brought up in Zimbabwe, and now sees her other home as the United Kingdom, where she has lived for over 22 years now. Phati has had quite a journey as a single mother, in her native country Zimbabwe and her current home country, UK,  re-settling and bringing up two children on her own, while keeping up with her artistic practice. She believes that one has to make a decision about what they want in life, and go for it. Adversities should not be the reason to hold one back. If she had listened to and believed what other people thought of her as a young women growing up in Zimbabwe, she would never have had the experiences and opportunities she has had living in Zimbabwe and UK. Phati does not take anything for granted, but believes in living a life of purpose, and  GRATITUDE, gratitude to everyone, one meets and crosses paths with, both positive and negative, for this is what makes one the strong person they become. She believes that, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And this is what she did herself, personally and professionally. Her dream was always to become an artist, life happened, but she perceveied and never gave up on her dreams. And today she lives her life as an Artist, Therapeutic  Art Life Coach, Writer, and Motivational speaker, empowering others and coaching them to live self fulfilled lives by following their goals and dreams. Phati is also available to speak at your online event / platform, and can be contacted at, hello@phatimnguni.com

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Art is a wonderful means of escape from the demands of everyday life. Like everything else, we can use it to enhance our lives or over shadow our lives. Personally l believe the 'cat you feed the most is the cat that grows the fatest'. Energy flows where energy goes ! My aim is to put a smile on your face through art, expressive Arts, speaking and coaching. There is enough misery in the world without me adding to it ! So be blessed, uplifted, and remember be yourself, it's perfectly OK, everyone else is taken.  

Do what you love, love what you do . Life is too short to do otherwise. , Identify your passion, and be the change you want to see in the world as Ghandi said. Create a VISION for your life, and let that be your compass through your life journey. 

 Our focus here is to empower you  to be empowered, so that you can live in alignment with your life's purpose, creating FREEDOM in all areas of your life, and empower others to do the same too. Our staring point is looking at your STORY. Your STORY matters, and out of it, there is skills, knowledge and expertise that can EMPOWER you, to EMPOWER others too. 

Below is a few benefits of working with Phati Mnguni, at TransformationAcademy.Coach

- increase in self-love

- increase in self worth
-identification of your value

- awareness and benefits of positive conflict resolution 

- awareness of being a positive contributor to society 

- finding strength in your adversities

- career path in alignment with your life's purpose 

-brand awareness in all we do 

The above is tailored to teenage and adults 

And the benefits to young peopler:

- improved seld esteem

- reduction of stress and anxiety

- increased sense of self awareness

- increased sense of others

- team building skills

- leadership skills 

-possibility of a future career path

- increased awareness of the world they are a part of

- awareness of how much they matter as much as others 

All sessions delivered via ZOOM calls in group settings.

Also available is one to one sessions at a premium price. 

for more information, please contact Phati Mnguni at, hello@phatimnguni.com 

More on Phati Mnguni,   https://www.facebook.com/phati.mnguni